Capitalizing on years of experience owning and operating golf & country club properties, the R6 team takes a selective approach aligning itself with premium private clubs and destination resort operations. We only engage if we can create substantial long-term value, focusing on a select group of highly regarded clubs and destination properties. We take pride in building a long lasting partnership that is mutually beneficial to our partners, clients and the members and guests we serve.


Redwood Six stays strictly behind the scenes. We do not employ our own logos, signage, flags or anything else at the club with the Redwood brand. Our objective is to elevate the stature, reputation, and member relevance around the club, rather than through our brand. R6 hopes to partner with like-minded owners and membership boards to create real value behind the scenes, maintaining an exclusive, refined private club approach versus a commoditized, corporate branded golf experience. R6 is truly different.


To us, a club is an extension to your home, a place where you come to relax, enjoy life, and forget the day to day hassles. Our goal is to make that happen. We see the business of golf services strictly through the eyes of existing and potential members. We regularly collect member feedback and conduct market research to form strategic initiatives and to develop ongoing improvement priorities. We place a huge premium on keeping things simple and down to earth. We don’t fix things that are not broken but attempt to respond very quickly to things that need to be fixed. We do what is in the best interest for the overall membership and attempt to stay away from doing things that benefit a small group of members at the expense of the majority of members.


We work together with the club staff on servicing members to the fullest extent, creating a compelling work environment for employees and a culture that resonates with members, guests, and the community. We place a huge premium on personal responsibility and accountability when it comes to dealing with people. We build cohesive teams and hire talented leaders that possess the skills necessary to inspire people and engage members and guests. We look for people that have a great attitude, a great sense of personal discipline, and superb judgment. This works better than micro managing people to get things done right. It’s more fun too.