"Over the last 20 years, the Redwood Six team has acquired a unique set of competencies that expand far beyond operating world class golf operations. This diverse skill set has made the R6 team specialists in maximizing the brand reputation and bottom-line performance of full service private club and resort operations."


Through the successful execution of thoughtfully crafted strategic plans, the R6 team has transformed more than 50 underperforming properties into financially profitable market leaders. Prioritizing long-term equity appreciation over short-term profit, R6 objectively evaluates strategic alternatives using proprietary models and analytics that blend financial data, demographic metrics, market trends and competitive density.


Over the past 10 years, Redwood Six has been responsible for managing over $40 million of sales and marketing investment, generating revenue and profit margins that far exceed our direct competitors. The invaluable domain knowledge and best practices accumulated now benefits properties affiliated with R6. Our data-driven approach to driving property revenue is built on cutting-edge analytics, and complimented by a turn-key sales management approach engineered to provide our clients the maximum return on sales and marketing investments.


With over $50 million in completed projects during the past seven years, the Redwood Six team has the track record and proven ability to economically transform a capital neglected or improperly positioned property into a strong market competitor capable of reaching its full potential and value. Redwood Six has a network of specialized designers and construction managers to assist with all major facility renovations, expansions, and capital improvements. The R6 renovation experience spans all areas of club facilities including every facet of the golf course, clubhouse and amenities such as aquatics, fitness and tennis.


Food and beverage is a critical area of the club experience that significantly impacts member and guest satisfaction. This area of the club has experienced a tremendous evolution over the past several years moving away from the traditional formal dining club setting to more of a casual, high energy theme. Our approach to this historically challenging department includes extensive use of member feedback systems, service training, culinary review, leadership development and financial metrics. Increasing private event revenue is also a core competency. This methodology and skill set has led to significant turnarounds in service, product quality and financial performance of many restaurant and banquet operations.


With traditional formal dining becoming less common, member programming combines nicely with the casual approach to food and beverage that club members are more often seeking. Creative member programming provides the club an opportunity to engage with different factions of the club membership through a one-time event. Redwood Six has a broad playbook of creative event themes and best practices to assist club management with the design of a robust club calendar.


With decades of experience that includes the agronomic oversight of more than 300 golf properties throughout the US, Redwood Six is able to benchmark the efficiency and product quality of any golf course, grass type, and seasonal region. The process includes the implementation of time proven best practices and the use of GPS technology to value engineer the appropriate expense per square foot at each property. The result is improved turf quality and playability, often coupled with significant expense savings that can be used to fund incremental capital investment.


The popularity of tennis has increased substantially in recent years, providing clubs with high quality programs a competitive advantage. The R6 team has extensive experience with tennis, having successfully owned and managed dozens of venues including expansive operations with 20+ courts, multiple surfaces and indoor facilities. In each case, we specialized in utilizing tennis to engage non-golfing members, fostering team / league play, and offering state of the art instruction for all ages with a specific focus on high performance juniors.


Modern fitness has become increasingly diverse as clubs and resorts around the country position themselves to be more relevant to a broader spectrum of members and guests. The Redwood Six team has constructed multiple fitness amenities and specializes in how they should be operated, programmed and marketed. In many cases, our facilities have offered unique fitness programs tailored to increase golf and tennis performance.


Aquatic facilities are being used by clubs to differentiate their amenities throughout the competitive landscape. The pool experience is critical to retaining and attracting young families to club membership. Redwood Six is experienced in the design and operation of swim teams, themed pool events, and consistent daily operation.


Clubs and resort destinations around the country are experiencing success by providing cottages and/or vacation home availability. Redwood Six has operated multiple properties that provide these amenities and can help execute a lodging delivery system including reservations, operations and marketing. In addition, R6 can value the feasibility of adding cottages to a Club or resort property to improve asset value and financial performance.


Redwood Six has overseen some of the industry’s most experienced and talented golf course construction teams, completing more than $50 million of capital projects across its portfolio during the past decade. R6 can assist with the planning and implementation of any course renovation project from tee to green, including bunkers, irrigation systems, drainage, cart paths and bridges.